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2 Channel Audio Source AMP100 Review

dayton es65wThe Audio Source AMP100 is an awesome little amplifier if you looking for low cost amps to go along with your preamp processor such as the Outlaw 970. The Audio Soure AMP100 features 2 channels rated at 50 watts RMS on an 8ohm load , 60 watts RMS on a 4ohm load and a nice 160 watts RMS bridged into 1 channel mono all with great sound quality. This is more than enough power for your surrounds and will work great for a center channel. This amp can also be used as a sub amp if you are powering a small to medium sub.

Audio Source Amp100 Vs Dayton APA150

Though it pushes out 15watts less per channel, the Audio Source is comparable to the Dayton APA150. The form factor is ideal for rack mounting where the Dayton APA150 is more compact and can be placed side to side on the same shelf or rack. Perhaps one of my favorite aspects of the AMP100 is that it is 4ohm stable so you can power just about any DIY speaker you can build. This is a great feature because most home theater receivers are only rated at 8 ohms.

Overall, either the Amp100 or Dayton APA150 would make a fine amp. The power difference is really negligible this just boils down to whether you need to rack mount the amp or simply shelf mount such as home theater applications. I myself have 3 APA150s side by side on shelf for my home theater and they fit perfectly fine. I would have a hard time finding space for 3 Amp100s in my application.

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The Audio Source Amp100 is an excellent amplifier for the DIY speaker builder in that it can run just about any DIY speaker system you can come up with. It’s also an excellent amplifier for use with a separate preamp processor in home theater applications provided you have the space for 3 or maybe even 4 of these guys. It’s robust enough for most most HT applications and you really can’t go wrong with the price. The only downside of course, is that you would need 3 or 4 Amp100s to power your entire HT system. Considering the price, this is a small sacrifice to the 7 channel units that can cost at least twice as much. So my final conclusion is to go for this amp for rack mounting or go for the Dayton APA150 where space limitations are a factor. You can’t go wrong with either one and the price is right on both!


-50 watts RMS per channel @ 8ohm
-60 watts RMS per channel @ 4ohm
-Bridgeable outputs for 150 watts RMS total power @ 8ohms
-2 stereo inputs with automatic priority override
-A, B, or A+B speaker selector switches
-5-way binding posts
-Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHz
-Dimensions: 16-1/2″ W x 2-7/8″ H x 9-1/4″ D
-Rack mountable

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