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Birds Choice Upside Down Grackle Resistant Suet Feeder Review

upsidedown-suet-feederBefore I review the Upside down Suet Feeder,  let me give you a little background. I have been feeding woodpeckers now for just over a year now. The first feeder I purchased was a tail prop style feeder. I will admit to not knowing the first thing about woodpecker feeding and I was like “If you build it they will come”. After about a week, sure enough they did. All was well until the dreaded Grackles showed up. Now, I don’t have anything against them, they are a lovely bird, that is unless you are trying to feed woodpeckers and other varieties of birds. You see, if you are just getting into bird feeding, whether it be suet for woodpeckers or birdseed for song birds, you will fast discover that Grackles will put you in the poor house. These birds will consume VAST amounts of food. Once they got a hold of the suet feeder, they were devouring no less than 1 entire suet cake DAILY. Not only that, but woodpecker sightings were few and far between.

In frustration, I took the thing down and said forget it even though I still had a full box of suet left. Fast forward to the winter when I noticed the Grackles were all but gone, so I decided to put the feeder back up and lo and behold, the Woodpeckers came back and were regular visitors all winter with 0 Grackles. Fast forward again to the spring and the darn Grackles are back and at it again consuming all the suet. This time, I decided to try something new…


Enter the Birds Choice Upside Down Double Suet Feeder which retails for around $28 on Amazon and is Prime eligible. After some research, I found that Grackles were said to not be as much of a problem if using the upside down feeder. With that I decided to give it a shot, so i opted for the afore mentioned Birds Choice model because it was fairly affordable, it was made of recycled material, it looked fairly nice and most importantly, would deter Grackles.


Before I go any further, let start by saying THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GRACKLE PROOF! That goes for this and all upside down feeders for that matter. That said, this style of feeder will stop them from eating continuously. It appears they can only hang on upside down for a short period of time, though truth be told, it is much longer than I would have thought possible. Lazy Grackles can only try to feed hummingbird style by pecking while they hover. Luckily they can only do so for 1 peck at most. Another plus is that this one keeps multiple Grackles from eating at the same time.

Construction and Build Quality

The construction and build quality are excellent. The feeder is made out of recycled plastic and claims to be made of 28 recycled containers which I can believe because it is quite heavy and dense. The unit accommodates up to 3 or 4 cakes at a time but unless you have a swarm of woodpeckers in your back yard, i would only do 1 at a time.  and it will accommodate up to 2 cakes at a time.  Screws are all stainless steel as is the cable that holds it up. Overall, it is a well built unit that will last a long time.


Locating Your New Feeder

If you are a seasoned Woodpecker feeder and are replacing your tail prop style feeder with one of these in the same location, then the Red Bellies, Downies, Chickadees and the like will figure it out immediately. If you are installing one for the first time, I would highly recommend NOT installing it in a tree where it will have near by branches below it as Grackles will have absolutely no problem getting to it. Grackles seem to have a harder time getting to it the higher off the ground and away from branches it is.  Mine is installed off the overhang of a pergola and the only way the Grackles can get to it is from the ground.



While this will not stop Grackles, it will slow them down. Your suet cake will probably last 3-5 days vs 1 day in a regular vertical feeder. It’s also worth mentioning  that I have observed more Woodpeckers with this style feeder. Woodpeckers are careful diners so they seem to like the protection from above. Overall, I highly recommend one of these when Grackles are a problem in the spring and early summer. At $1 and change per suet cake, this one will pay for itself in a couple of months.

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