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Dayton APA150 150W Power 2 Channel Home Theater/Audio Amplifier Review

The Dayton APA150 is a compact yet robust 150W 2 channel 4 ohm stable amplifier that works great as either a stereo amplifier for your 2 way set up OR as a component amplifier in a home theater set up where a separate preamp is used. This amp is robust enough that it can be bridged to power a small subwoofer. In any case, this amp makes for an excellent unit and cannot be beat at only $158.00.

Build Quality

Like all Dayton products I have used, this thing is built very nicely. It has a quality anodized black aluminum face with a bright blue led, a sturdy volume/gain knob and a solid push button power switch. Despite its small size, this amplifier feels like a BRICK it is so heavy. The back of the amplifer feature dual terminals that accept either bare wire or banana jacks as well as dual RCA inputs for your source. It also has a master on/off button which allows for the amplifier to either be turned on/off manually or an auto feature that senses the signal from your source. All in all, this is a very high quality unit that is built very nicely for the low price.

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The specs on this amplifier and quite nice and more than suitable to serve as a subwoofer amplifier, component amplifier in a multiple amplifier system or a standalone amp in a simple 2 channel set up. This little amp features 75 Watts RMS X 2 Channels @4ohm or it can be bridged into 150 Watts RMS X 1 channel 8 ohms. This amp also features a defeatable electronic 50-150 Hz low-pass(18 dB/octave) crossover that can be used when powering a subwoofer.

2 x 75 watts RMS power @ 4 ohms
1 x 150 watts RMS bridged mono @ 8 ohms
Toroidal power supply
Class A/B design
Adjustable 50-150 Hz low pass crossover
Adjustable Volume/Gain control
Gold-plated 5-way binding posts that accept up to 8 AWG wire
auto-on/off, silent turn-off
Signal-to-noise ratio: greater than 100 dB
Dimensions: 5-1/2″ H x 6″ W x 11-1/2″ D

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Setup and Installation

Set up and installation is a breeze with this amplifier. Simply connect your speakers to the binding posts, connect the RCA cables to your source, set your crossover if you are using to power a sub, select auto or manual on/off and plug it in. Once you have the amp running just set your volume/gain at the desired level. I have 3 of these as I am using them as a component amps in a multi amp home theater being fed by a preamp. After playing around with it, I set the volume/gain at a little over half way and had no other adjustments to make other than defeating the XOver. All in all, very easy and basic setup/install.

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Sound Quality and Performance

My main reason for using these little amps is because I wanted 4 ohm stable units to power my DIY speakers. Compared to my previous Sony receiver, these amps simply blow it away. With my previous receiver that was not 4 ohm stable, I simply could not turn the volume very high without clipping. These amps have no such issues. In addition, the sound is crisp and clear where my previous Sony unit would break up on the center channel during loud scenes. The 75 watts per channel are more than enough to power my large 2 way mains and center. You simply are not going to find anything at your local Best Buy that will compare to these at this low price. All in all, I am extremely happy with the sound and performance from these amps. Best of all, they did not cost me a fortune.

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