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Dayton PM105 Universal Projector Mount Review

The Good

Dayton Universal Projector MountThe Dayton PM105 Universal Projector mount is an attractive and affordable mount that fits most projectors. At first glance, this projector mount as with all Dayton products that I have tried to date features high quality construction and offers both swiveling, tilt and yaw capabilities. Another cool feature is the separately available extension which works great on high vaulted ceilings or if you have an obstruction in the projection path. Installation is a breeze and  can be installed utilizing just one ceiling joist for bolting. It’s easiest to mount the base, followed by the projector attachment. It took me less than 30 minutes to have it up and running.

The Bad

There is much to like about this projector (especially the price). That being said, it does have 1 critical issue – and that is that once adjusted, the adjustments cannot be locked into place. While this makes adjusting it quite easy, after a while gravity works its magic and depending on your projector’s center of gravity, the mount will tend to self center. This causes your projector to get out of alignment with the screen. With my projector, it tended to point down and tilt so the image which would cause the image to be off center on the screen.  By the way, none of the screws in the picture are actually used for the adjustment as the whole thing adjusts on the ball joint you see where the downpipe attaches to the mount part. Another thing that causes it to get out of alignment is heavy bass if you have a good subwoofer. Because of this flaw, I cannot recommend this projector to most people because the lack of locking capabilities will drive you mad every time you have to readjust it. This was really disappointing because I really liked the quality and looks. In the end, I had to get a more expensive Sanus Unit so I would recommend you skip this mount and look into some of the Sanus units offered by Parts Express.

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