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Floor Standing DIY Dayton Classic Transmission Line Speakers

Click Here to Download Plans and Parts List in PDF

Click Here to view plans for a Cheaper and easier to build Transmission Line Kit

Let me first say that these are not my design. I found the plans a while back and I believe the designer’s site is no longer online. I believe Parts Express has the single woofer version in their Speaker Project Showcase but these are much better. Anyhow, these WTW (woofer tweeter woofer) transmission line floor standing speakers are my favorite speakers I have built to date. I basically built these out of curiosity as I was not familiar with Transmission Lines at the time. They also looked a bit challenging and nothing like your typical speaker so I figured it would be a fun build. It took me a couple of weekends to build the pair but the results were well worth it. The sound is magnificent in either home theater or music set ups and unlike anything you will hear at your local Best Buy. Mine are currently in use as the mains in my home theater setup and I would not trade them for anything, at least anything I could afford. Considering you can build a pair for around 300 bucks and get the sound of $1000+ speakers, there really is no reason why you should not build yourself a pair.

A Word on Transmission Line Speakers.

If you are not familiar with Transmission line speakers, they are basically long “tubes” for a lack of a better term, with a port on one end and a speaker on the other, in this case 2 6.5″ Dayton Classics. If you are familiar with Bose, then you are probably familiar with what they call their “Wave guide Technology”, which is Bose’s fancy way of saying Transmission line. These types of speakers provide extremely smooth, clear and low bass. The sound is very distinctive and hard to describe, as the bass is not hard or punchy like your typical speaker. So if you are looking for something different then these are definitely worth building.

Building and Assembly Tips

First let me say that these are a bit challenging to build but by no means impossible. In fact, they were my first real speaker building project so they are not extremely hard to build. If you decide to build these, here are some tips.

-I highly recommend a the pieces be cut on a table saw, at least all the deflectors as the angles can be challenging to cut with a circular saw. Fit quality will also be much better.

-Speaker cutouts should be done with a router and a circle cutting jig like Parts Express’ Jasper Jig . While they can be done with a jig saw, the cosmetics will suffer and you will not be able to flush mount the speakers.

-Predrill all screw holes when assembling.

-Make absolutely sure you have run the speaker wire before assembling the las piece otherwise it will be extremely difficult to run it all the way to the back of the speaker. I left one of the sides as the final piece.

-For the port, first cut it out with a jigsaw leaving about 1/4″ from the sides and top/bottom trim pieces (see plans) then go in with a router and flush trim bit for a perfect finish using the sides and trim pieces as guides for your trim bit.

Click Here to Download Plans and Parts List in PDF OR Click Here to view plans for a Cheaper and easier to build Transmission Line Kit

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