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Jet JFR-12 1/2″ Air Regulator with Built in Filter Review

If you’ve just purchased a 60 gallon+ air compressor you’ve no doubt discovered that you will now need an air regulator. Unlike the smaller 20 gallon units, the larger ones do not typically come with an air regulator. This is where the Jet JFR-12 air pressure regulator with filter comes into play. This unit has 1/2″ inlet and outlet ports for use with 1/2″ air hoses. The regulator can be had for around $50 for Amazon though you will need some additional parts for wall mounting (see below). Similarly units are priced higher and aren’t quite the same quality as this unit.

JET JFR-12 1/2-Inch NPT Air Filter/Regulator

Jet JFR-12
JET JFR-12 1/2-Inch NPT Air Filter/Regulator
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Build Quality

The Jet JFR-12 Air Regulator is an excellent choice because it’s got all of the features some of the comparable units such as the Ingersoll Rand units do not have. For starters, the Jet JFR-12 comes with a wall mount bracket which is a nice feature to have. By the way, the bracket is the right size such that it fits on just a single wall stud.  The Ingersoll Rand units do not come with one so this alone makes the JFR-12 a better choice. Another reason to pick the Jet JFR-12 is because it has an all metal body construction for long life. The air filter is made of polycarbonate with a metal protective cover. Additionally, the filter has an easy to use moisture release valve that you simply pull to let the moisture out. The top mount pressure control valve is easy to adjust and is made of a durable plastic material.  Assembly is quite easy as all you need to do is attach the air gauge. Doing so is quite easy but you will not be able to use a wrench to tighten it since there is not enough clearance between it and the unit body. Be sure to use some teflon tape on the fitting since you will have to simply hand tighten the gauge to the unit body. Overall, this unit has an excellent build quality and will last you for many years.

Required Parts for Wall Mount Installation

If you plan on wall mounting, you will need a couple of items. Namely, you will need two hoses. I went with a 6′ Goodyear unit for the compressor side, other lengths are available if you need them.  You will need a second short hose if you plan on using a hose reel such as the Goodyear 46741 Retractable Reel. This second hose will go from the Air Regulator outlet into the hose reel inlet.  You will not need this second hose if you are attaching a 1/2″ hose directly to the regulator. You also need some lag bolts or screws to attach the wall bracket to the wall because it does not come with any. Finally, you will need some teflon tape of course to avoid any air leaks.


The Jet JFR-12 is an excellent air regulator for you large compressor. The unit is well built with all metal body and comes with a handy wall mount bracket. Assembly is minimal and performance is excellent. For the price, this is possibly the best air regulator with built in filter out there.

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