Inexpensive Floor Nailer for Bamboo Floors

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If you need an inexpensive floor nailer for that new Bamboo flooring project, consider the Harbor Freight Central Pneumatic 2 in 1 floor nailer. This tool performs awesome on bamboo flooring. The best thing about this tool of course, is the price. When compared to other nailers, the Harbor Freight 2 in1 nailer costs just a fraction of the price yet performs like a champ. The nailer takes both crown staples and cleat nails so it’s quite versatile. You won’t need a heavy duty compressor to power it either so this nailer is cost effective on both fronts.


The 2 in 1 Harbor Freight nailer performs like an absolute champ. After 1000 square feet of flooring, the tool did not misfire a single time. Just remember to oil it with the included oil per specifications.   The trigger fires every time neatly and cleanly.  All nails are driven properly provided you have the right pressure dialed in and give it a consistent whack every time.  Practicing on a few boards will quickly give you the hang of it.

From experience, I highly recommend using cleat nails over the crown staples on bamboo. Using cleat nails will minimize bubbling where you drive the fastener.  Avoid the Harbor Freight crown staples as these will give you a slight bubble on the boards just about every time you drive it.  This is very aggravating so again, avoid the Harbor Freight crown staples. Unfortunately, you will not find the proper gauge cleat nails at Harbor Freight so you will probably need to purchase these at Home Depot or the like.

Ease of Use

The Harbor Freight 2 in 1 floor nailer has a very minimal learning curve. You pretty much load it and start nailing away. The loading mechanism is both intuitive and down right easy. Aside from the occasional oiling, there’s not much else to know.  Once you get the hang of it, you will quickly learn how hard you need to whack it as to not damage the tongue.  Too hard and tongue cracks, to soft and nail does not drive fully. Here’s a tips, it’s better to hit it too hard than it is to hit it too soft especially on cleat nails. Same goes for the pressure, best to have it too high than too low. Half driven cleat nails can be a bear to pull and a little challenging to drive fully with a nail set/hammer. You will ruin more boards trying to correct half driven nails than anything else.


The Harbor Freight 2 in 1 nailer is an excellent buy. It’s way cheaper than all of the big names such as Bostitch and the like. Its probably also about the same price as renting one for a few days and much more convenient as you can take your time doing the nailing. All in all, this 2 in 1 floor nailer is highly recommended. Performs flawlessly and the price is just right for the weekend warrior that will use this tool just a handful of times.


  • 16 gauge Bostitch Cleat Nails
  • Carefully position tool before driving. Improperly positioned tool will mess up board edge.
  • Begin at 60 psi compressor setting, dial up until cleat nail goes in without cracking tongue.
  • Oil every 25 to 50 square feet