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Whole Peanut Wreath Feeder Tips, Review and Squirrels

wreath_peanut Always looking to add new treats for our bird friends, I thought introducing whole Peanuts would be a great idea and surely a treat they would love.  After a bit of Amazon browsing, I though the  whole peanut wreath feeder looked like a great one to try. I then set out to find some whole peanuts which are quite expensive by the way, expensive for bird food that is, approximately $3 a pound. The link above was one of the cheaper options for a 5 lb bag. At any rate, received the feeder and peanuts after a couple days wait and set it out next to our other feeders which consist of black oil feeders.

For the first couple days, not a single taker on the peanuts. They sat their all alone with no love.  In fact, the sunflower feeder was not being rate at its usual rate so clearly the birds were not sure what to make of the new introduction. Birds are creatures of habit so it was not surprising at all. After day 3 and no takers, I took a few out and placed them on the old feeder. Sure enough,  after a few minutes the always save Tufted Titmouse  approached the new treat and made off with it. Next, the clever Downy Wood pecker tried his hand it. By day 4 , the Downys and Titmice were regular visitors to the wreath. I guess after figuring out it was food, they had no problems.

All was well for the first week. Birds regularly feeding on the wreath. As the days went on, the feeder started being drained faster and faster. Finally, on the weekend I was able to observer the peanut bandit, a squirrel of course! Not a bit deal at first, I would add another handful to the wreath and the next day it was the same thing. Then the damn things suddenly got super greedy and the squirrels started draining its entire contents daily. Suffice it to say, I am not going to spend $20 a week for peanuts so peanut wreath feeding ceased once the 5lb bag was gone, essentially in about a weeks time. I will need to try a pole and baffle setup next time as the wreath is hanging from a tree. So now for some lesson learned.

Whole Peanut Feeding Observations

1. Have patience as the birds do not automatically know what a peanut is. Introduce it on feeders that they have been using.  No need to remove the shells, they will figure it out.

2. The Wreath seems to be a popular feeder but it has some drawbacks. If only birds are eating from it, then be prepared to remove empty peanut shells on a daily basis. The birds will peck a hole on the peanuts and take the peanuts whilst leaving the shell. Rarely do they take the whole thing.

3. If you have squirrels, don’t event even bother with the wreath unless you have some sort of squirrel deterrent such as a pole and baffle set up. They will drain all peanuts on a daily basis once the catch wind of it. They will easily eat 5lbs of peanuts a week not leaving the birds much.

4. If you do not have the afore mentioned squirrel deterrent, try other peanut feeders which have a finer wire mesh that does not allow for the whole peanut to be taken it out. Doing so will allow the birds to peck out the peanuts and slow down squirrels. You will of course have to take out the sells every time you add new peanuts.

5. Needless to say, peanuts will make a mess so be ready for that.

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